Middle Fork American River near American River Pump Station
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Project Supporting Agencies

The proposed RiverArc project has strong support from stakeholders and water agencies in the Sacramento Region and is an important component in the Water Forum Agreement. The risk of losing reliable surface water supplies is very real for Sacramento area water agencies that currently rely on American River water, so they are working together to move RiverArc forward as quickly as possible.

The Water Forum Agreement, agreed to by a diverse group of business and agricultural leaders, citizens groups, environmentalists, water managers, and local governments in the Sacramento region, allows the region to meet its needs by balancing reliable and safe water supplies and preserving fisheries, wildlife, recreation, and aesthetic values in the Lower American River.

Project Collaborators
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California American Water

Adds additional water supply to California American Water's portfolio, which reduces its reliance on American River Watershed supplies.

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City of Sacramento

Increases Sacramento’s operational flexibility and allows surface water diversions when water restrictions are in effect on the American River. Also, supports groundwater banking by serving surface water to areas in northern Sacramento that currently rely heavily on groundwater.

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Placer County Water Agency

Helps develop conjunctive use programs and diversifies supplies, which decreases reliance on American River watershed supplies.

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Sacramento County Water Agency

Secures water supply for northern Sacramento County and supports regional groundwater banking.

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